Stain Removal
Stains in carpet can be a hassle to remove. However many stains can be removed or at least reduced with household cleaners around your home.  Remember never rub a stain, just blot. Rubbing breaks down the carpet fibers and spreads the stain.

If a stain is still visible,
call us right away to get the stain removed professionally.  We handle all kinds of carpet stains including: red wine stains, red dye, food stains, pet stains, oil, grease, magic marker, ink, gum, wax and others.

Pet Stains, Pet Urine & Pet Odors
If you have a pet that spends any time indoors, chances are you will at one time or another have an accident. Pet urine stains are difficult to completely remove because of the dye that exists in the urine. We use specially formulated products to remove those urine dyes from the carpet fibres. Remeber there are no
additional charges for removal of pet stains, or any stains. 

Maintaining Your Carpets

We want to help you protect and maintain your large investment of carpet in your home.  So we have put together some tips to help you get the most life out of you carpets and have them looking good all the time:

Proper care of your floor prevents damage, extends its life and keeps it looking new for years. How do you properly care for your flooring?

Vacuum your carpet regularly, and do not use home equipment that utilize liquid carpet shampoos to clean them. Ever wash your hair and forget to rinse out all the shampoo? The same thing happens to your carpet. The shampoo can't be completely rinsed out, leaving a sticky residue. That residue acts like a big magnet pulling the dirt from the bottom of your shoes. Now you have clean shoes and even dirtier carpets. Best to use a professional service like ours because we do not leave a residue behind.

In general, depending on life style, your carpets should be cleaned once or twice a year.  But a visual inspection of your carpets can usually tell you if your carpets are in need of a cleaning.

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